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Who can join and support Team Eastchester?

Everyone is invited to join and support Team Eastchester at Rye Playland Beach on 11/11/23 (10 AM start).

Team Eastchester includes students (K -Grade 12), teachers, administrators, parents and families, members of the Board of Education, and our larger Eastchester community.

Team Eastchester is all about coming together to further the inclusion of students of ALL abilities in athletics.

Please show your support for Team Eastchester.

Why Should I Join or Support Team Eastchester?

Team Eastchester makes a REAL difference in our school community.

Team Eastchester raises awareness and much-needed funds to foster and expand inclusive athletics opportunities, such as Unified Basketball, Unified P.E., Unified Bowling and Backyard Sports.

Funds are raised equally for Eastchester SEPTA and Special Olympics NY (both 501(c)(3) organizations) to maintain and grow these inclusive opportunities.

Team Eastchester and its generous supporters help our Eastchester students by advancing meaningful opportunities for students of all abilities to practice and compete together.

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